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My goodness, it’s been a long time since I started a blog. In the eons since Funny about Money came into being, I’ve fallen away from the habit of weekly link round-ups. Plus I have yet to compile a full deck of higher-ed blogs. But let’s take a look at what’s going at the sites that we know about so far…

One the first higher-edublogs I came across was Confessions of a Community College Dean, and it remains high on the list of favorites. Dean Dad regularly publishes posts that are funny, thoughtful, mentorly, and even fatherly.This is a site that rarely disappoints: if you don’t know it yet, be sure to check it out.

On the other end of the seniority spectrum is a fresh new blog by a writer who styles herself Budget Glamorous. In many ways this is more a personal finance than an academic site, since BG perforce (the force being the miserly wages paid to non-tenure-track full-time faculty) spends a fair amount of time figuring out how to live decently on entry-level pay. Occasionally, though, she does report on the doings of the academy with combined raw fear and wry wit.

Judging by the number of blogroll spots and admiring links at sites hither thither and yon, profgrrrrl must be one of the most popular academic-written blogs going. This associate professor of complexification studies writes engagingly on parenthood, lifestyle, coping, the human condition, and many things in between.

A striking article on the history profession appears on Tenured Radical 3.0, whose proprietor also comments on the passing parade and chronicles life in the academic groves.

Amanda Krauss describes and reflects on her relatively recent escape from academe at the Worst Professor Ever blog.

Science Professor writes more about professing than about science, and along the way dispenses job search advice, reflects creatively on research, and answers some lively readers’ questions Dear-Abby style.

FrauTech, proprietor of Design. Build. Play, is a real-world engineer rather than an academic. However, she has a lot to say about STEM education and particularly about science, technology, engineering, and math training and prospects for women.

At Fumbling Towards Tenure, Dr. Becca has recorded a first year on the job and now wrestles with peer review, builds her first course and meets its students, and oversees her lab, all with a bemused astonishment.

Notorious Ph.D., a medievalist, posts in short, succinct bursts; unlike many of her colleagues, she’s a woman of (relatively) few words. Student foibles, instructional strategies, and writing for publication occupy much of her energy.

Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured has become one of my favorite blogs, because of its wide-ranging subject matter: you name it, and nicoleandmaggie write about it. Recently we’ve gone from pedagogical strategies to career angst and parenthood via brown rice.

At Not of General Interest, check out The Peter Principle of Software Development. LOL! Just so. “A Service Catechism” is enough to make one feel happy to be an adjunct and so not worthy to perform service (nor inclined to donate one’s time to what is de facto free service performance).

College Misery is a kind of blog emporium of content written by a half-dozen contributors. The site is full of sardonically funny posts chronicling the joys of dealing with aggressively lame students, the search process, and other foibles of academia.

Frugal Scholar‘s focus is mostly on personal finance—more specifically, on frugality and lifestyle—but she occasionally writes about higher education, its costs and its scams.

Where I had Wednesdays from Hell last semester, Dr. Crazy at Reassigned Time is facing 15 Tuesdays from Hell this semester. This is a lively feminist academic who career/lifestyle/reproductive choices preoccupy her (as, surely, they must preoccupy most women in academe) and who, amazingly, seems to enjoy MLA conventions.

Speaking of feminism, Prof-like Substance is quietly lobbying to get everyone to invite only female scientists as speakers for their departments’ seminar series in the fall of 2012. Readers love the idea. PLS recently became an associate editor for a scholarly journal—that should open the door to new adventures and new posts.

Historiann picks up the hue and cry over Pres. Obama’s ill-informed remarks on the costs of higher education, noting that exploitation of people like me is what keeps tuition costs down. For her New Year’s Resolution, Historiann took on a project I’ve contemplated and not been able to bring myself to do: get rid of the iconic collection of dust-gathering books! Why, after all, am I keeping my freshman year microbiology texts? Would that wall not be better served with a collection of paintings in place of tier on tier of bookcases?

Female Science Professor has been holding forth of late about various aspects of the search process, from letters of reference to googling job applicants. Recently she mounted a hilarious cover letter contest, leading one to wonder if grousing about our students’ writing might fall into the pot-calling-the-kettle-black department.

LOL! Every academic writer (and job applicant) needs an editor!


  • Historiann

    January 29, 2012 at 10:00 am Reply

    Thanks for the links, and welcome (back?) to the academic blogosphere. I hope that you’ll document your experiences working as a member of the New Faculty Majority here, and offer lots of useful and informative anecdata.

  • FrauTech

    February 14, 2012 at 8:29 pm Reply

    Thanks for the shout out! I am honored to be in a list with all the great links you posted there. Now of course I get to read your witticisms in two places…

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