She’s B-a-a-c-k!

Adjunctorium is back, at a new address. My apologies to readers who found me at the original site and then received 404 errors. Having advised me to get started now on a self-hosted server rather than waiting to see if the site would fly on, web guru friend Jesse Michelson of Splyced Ventures made the nascent site “private” when he realized the new site had gone live and duplicated a bunch of material in the old one.

Meanwhile, eine kleine password confusion blocked me from getting into the new site just at the moment when I felt too, too sick to contend with techno-anything. He expected I would upload the WordPress theme of my choice and do my own housekeeping, but for the past several days those activities have been beyond me.

At any rate, as of today most of the site’s blandishments have been moved over and we’re again open for business.

Expect a few more changes in the near future. The present theme, for example, annoys: I couldn’t see how to get Château over here. Jesse found a download for $2.00; the one I found is 99 cents. I’m not sure where the two-dollah version is, whether there are any differences, or even whether the thing is compatible with whatever the heck I’m doing here. So for the nonce we’re using the freebie Brunelleschi design. It leaves a few things to be desired, not least of which is a “subscribe” button (!). And I hate the 6-point type in the blogroll.

Meanwhile, stoont papers are in-house: the troops had their first major deadline at 5:00 p.m. last night. So as you can imagine, for the next few days I won’t have a lot of time to fiddle with things bloggish, other than trying to keep up with posts on both sites.

Given that circumstance, then, since nothing much has been going on here, let’s take a brief look at what’s been going on elsewhere…

At Grumpy Rumblings, NicoleandMaggie pushed one of my buttons when a reader wondered if a pre-arranged HELOC could serve as an emergency fund. I won’t reiterate the rant I left there as Funny about Money, except to say omgomgomgomgomg….

Frugal Scholar, who’s a past master of mining thrift stores for upscale loot, has been holding forth on that topic off and on the past few days. But on of her other recurring topics never fails to charm me: the messages from France sent by Frugal Son. Bet you didn’t know the epistolary art still lives.

At Copy&Paste, proprietor Josh Bolton has kicked off a large crowd-sourcing project. Using GoogleDocs, he’s compiling an informal survey of adjunct pay and working conditions at colleges and universities across the nation. As usual, pay in AZ is near the bottom, certainly in the community college districts. In the course of describing his project, he reports what MLA thinks fair adjunct pay should be…wait’ll you see. Mwa ha ha ha ha hah!!!

At College Misery, Burn Chrome worries about a chronically unhappy student and Suzie from Square State mourns the suicide of one of those weird kids that gives you the willies.

On the tenure track, Female Science Professor offers something to make those of us who edit scholarly work a little crazier than we already are.

And so, to work…. Stay tuned, folks!


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