Why I’m Quitting When Guns Come to Campus

From weekly PC public safety reports:

7 February; 5:00-9:20pm:  A student reported that she left campus with two males and asked one of the males to carry her laptop computer in her backpack.  The student said when she asked the male to return her laptop, he refused to do so and ran away on foot.  The laptop is valued at $600.00.  Since the theft occurred off campus, the student filed a theft report with the Phoenix Police Department.

8 February; 7:40pm:  A campus police officer and a police aid responded to the A building on a report of a drunk student.  The student was located and was indeed intoxicated.  He was escorted to the bus stop with instructions not to return on this date.

 13 February; 9:50pm; reported 16 February:  A campus police officer documented concerns made by a faculty member regarding some correspondence she had received from one of her students.  The report was forwarded to the Dean of Students.

March 20; 7:25 pm: Safety Officers responded to the library reference a subject stalking and trespassing. A report was written and the subject was booked into jail by the Phoenix Police for trespassing.

Lest you think the craziness is just a manifestation of the presence of cops who have to write up reports:

Down at the Cult Headquarters, I learned yesterday that an erstwhile member of the choir has been arrested for setting fire first to a Penny’s (causing $10 million worth of damage) and then a few months later to a Walmart ($2 million) in the same shopping center, a half-mile from M’hijito’s house. Coincidentally, about three days ago while cruising the Google News page, I came across an FBI Wanted poster bearing a picture of a child molester who looked alarming like the same gentleman; FBI reports that he likes to play musical instruments and join choirs. Allegedly that one (one and the same, or not?) raped a ten-year-old girl.

We’re lucky, I guess, that he didn’t decide to burn down the church. With us all in the choir loft…

This world now hosts so many nut cases that the last thing on this earth anyone should want to do is give them guns and let them bring their toys to campus. So many nut cases, indeed, that now our state legislature consists mostly of nut cases.

Can’t wait to get that real estate license. Sure do hope I can earn enough to make ends meet selling houses. Or occupying some other job in the real estate industry.

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