Counting Down the Days

How does a 16-week semester get to be 17 weeks?

We’re coming up on the end of fifth week, and that leaves 12 more long weeks to drag up to the campus and fill an hour and a half of class time per day. I’ve got short-timer’s syndrome in a bad way. I just. want. this. semester. to. get. over!

Of the nine paydays this semester, one has come and gone. Eight remain. In the other-dimensional world of the adjunct, “biweekly pay” translates into “you get paid a month after you start working.”

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I’m not grateful to have had this job when I needed something, anything, to keep from dining on canned beans by the campfire under the freeway overpass. I am. I’m very grateful. Adjunct teaching saved my tuchus in the year after I was laid off. That was a difficult time.

But the hard times are passing. Now it’s time to move along.

And with that decision made, I can’t wait to get on down the road…

1 2 3
4/5 6 SEND COURSE PACKS 7 8 9 10
11/12 13 14 15 16 Pick up 102 packets 17
18/19Week 1  20 First day        Eng. 102Intros, syllabusPick up 101 packets 21 First Day        Eng. 101Intros, syllabus 22                      Eng. 102Syllabus quiz in classAssign topics, discuss focusing themes 23                     Eng. 101Syllabus quiz in classAssign topics, discuss focusing themes 24
25/26Week 2  27                       Eng. 102 What is an Ext. Def.? How to define an E.D. theme on your topic. 28                       Eng. 101Organizing papers 29                       Eng. 102MLA Style: citing & documenting; plagiarism 30                     Eng. 101Exposition & rhetorical modes 31
1/2Week 3  3 NO CLASS 4                       Eng. 101What is a narrative?How to define a narrative theme on your topic. Make them write it out. 5                       Eng. 102Library: Research methods. ASSIGN an MLA/plag. exercise due Monday. 6                       Eng. 101Basics Reviews 1 & 2Thesis & paragraph for Narrative 7
8/9Week 4  10                       Eng. 102MLA & plagiarism exercise due.Make them grade each others’ exercises in class 11                      Eng. 101Basics Reviews 3 & 4 12                       Eng. 102Report on Ext. Def. MAKE THEM SHORT! & Draft Ext. Def. 13                     Eng. 101Narrative DueIn-class quiz on BR 1-4 14
15/16Week 5  17                       Eng. 102Computer CommonsE 140 18                       Eng. 101Comp/Contrast; how to define a comp/cont theme on your topic. Research requirement. Make them write it out. 19                       Eng. 102Ext. Def. DueCausal analysis & how to organize it. 20                     Eng. 101Library; credible sources, avoiding plagiarism 21
22/23Week 6  24                       Eng. 102How to define a C.A. in your topic. Groups. Make them write it down. Remind about research requirement. . 25                       Eng. 101MLA style: in-text citation 26                       Eng. 102Basics Reviews 1 & 2 27                     Eng. 101MLA style: Works Cited; ASSIGN an MLA/Plag. exercise due Tuesday. 28
29/30 October
(29/30)Week 7  1                       Eng. 102Basics Reviews3 & 4Make reading assignment: Gup, page 498 2                       Eng. 101MLA & plagiarism exercise due.Make them grade each others’ exercises in class 3                       Eng. 102Discuss Gup article. 4                      Eng. 101Report on comp/cont papersDraft comp/contrast Due 5
6/7Week 8 


8                       Eng. 102Report on C.AThesis/Paragraph/Citation Due 9                       Eng. 101Computer commonsE 148 10                       Eng. 102Report on C.A. 11                     Eng. 101Comp/Cont DueCause & effect as rhet. method; strategies & uses 12
13/14Week 9Week 1


15                       Eng. 102FIRST DAY – 235Computer commons

E 140


16                       Eng. 101Have them read something fairly heavy on education, C&E; discuss. 17                       Eng. 102Causal Analysis Due– 235 Syllabus Response

What’s a position paper? Give them a reading assignment.

18                     Eng. 101Define a C&E theme for your topic; get in groups to brainstorm. 19 – 235Intro dueSyll resp.
20/21Week 10Week 2 22                       Eng. 102How to define a position in your topic. Make them write it down. Groups. Remind about research requirement. 23                       Eng. 101Peer review strategies 24                       Eng. 102How to write a long paper in 7 days. How to organize research. 25                     Eng. 101Revising & editing strategies 26Market Res. Rept



27/28Week 11Week 3 29                       Eng. 102How to organize research for a long paper.  30              Eng. 101Report on C&E papers 31                       Eng. 102Have them read or read to them something fairly heavy on topic, pref. a position. Discuss.  1                   Eng. 101Report on C&E papersReminder about number & quality of sources.

TP&C for C&E

2Interv. 4 profile
3/4Week 12Week 4 5                       Eng. 102One on one meetings for those who want them.Query for profile 6                 Eng. 101Computer commonsE 148 7                       Eng. 102Library. Turn in list of sources found, in correct MLA style.

Continue meeting, if need be.

8                    Eng. 101C&E DueWhat is an argumentative paper? How to work sources into an argument paper. ?? TP&C? 9Profile
10/11Week 13Week 5 12                       Eng. 102– 235 Query How-toReport on Pos. Paper


13               Eng. 101Have them read an argument on some aspect of education. Discuss. Even have them write out their responses. 14                       Eng. 102Report on Pos. PaperTP&C for Pos. Paper


15                  Eng. 101Defining an argument theme in your topic. Make them write it out. 16 – 235How-to Due
17/18Week 14Week 6 19                       Eng. 102Computer CommonsE 140


20               Eng. 101– 235: Query PEAnother MLA citing & documenting exercise (in handout) 21                       Eng. 102Position Paper Due 22 NO CLASS 23PE Intervu
24/25Week 15Week 7 26                       Eng. 102– 235: Interview PE duePanel discussions 27              Eng. 101Report on C&E papers 28                       Eng. 102Panel discussions 29              Eng. 101Report on ArgumentTP&C for Argument 30 – 235PE Due



½Week 16Week 7 3                       Eng. 102 Panel discussions 4             Eng. 101Computer commonsE 148 5 LAST MW DAY     Eng. 102Panel discussions 6 LAST TTh DAY      Eng. 101Argument Paper DueXX Things I’d like you to remember 7 – 235Brite Due
8/9Week 17  10 7:30 – 9:20MW Final                       Eng. 102  11 12 13 9:20 – 11TTh Final   Eng. 101 14

 Image: Wild Hare on an English Country Lane. Ian Dunster. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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