Countdown to Freedom: 11/29/2012

Six more class meetings to go.
Three 101 meetings.
Three 102 meetings.

Four more 2,500-word term papers to read; seven to score and assess.

A set of the 101 exercises preliminary to their final 750-word paper awaits on the server. The 750-word argument essay is due December 6. We have 6 days in which to read them.

Three more assignments are incoming from the magazine-writing students.

Fortunately only about five of the latter worthies survive. That’s down from 20 at the outset. Online courses. Ugh.

Oh well. At least one doesn’t have to drive to campus and hang around for 90 minutes to meet online students.

Seventeen of the original 25 Eng. 101 students survive — not bad, all things considered.

Six more classes to go.

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